4 Media

4.1 Google thoughts

Notes from an assignment that asked two questions:

  • Does Google's mission statement represent a better definition of journalism?

  • How can technology be used to improve the quality of journalism?

4.2 The Technology of News - Course

A somewhat dated outline of my course The Technology of News, which I teach at Georgetown University.

4.3 Computer Programming for the Humanities

Introductory sketch of my computer programming for the humanities course I will teach at Georgetown University this fall.

4.4 Important Reading

The following posts by Adrian Holovaty provide as good an introduction to the technological challenges facing journalists than any other.

4.5 McClatchy financial report

The recently (around April 27, 2005) released consolidated statistical report for The McClatchy Company reveals the ongoing disturbing trend for traditional media companies. If you look at the net advertising revenue for the Carolinas (which includes The News & Observer, the newspaper for whom I used to work), you will see a rather healthy increase of 8.9%, from $11.2 million to $12.2 million.

4.6 Advertising

News about online advertising:

4.7 Journalism

Read in USA Today (April 20, 2004) how Iraqis are enjoying their new-found freedom of expression.